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Write to me, talk@tinycx.com …even just to say hi
Call us, (03) 9016 9108 …office hours are 8:30-5:30, Monday to Friday
Visit us, 710 Collins St, Melbourne …if you want to visit the best kept secret in Melbourne

Work we've done

There are a thousand ways to turn an idea into a reality. We can do all of them.


Wanna see how we made a law firm cool?

Buchanan are the epitome of "new law", and they needed a brand strategy and identity to match their innovative vision. Tiny have worked with Buchanan since it was just an idea to turn it into one of Australia's sexiest legal services firms.


Wanna see how we redesigned volunteering?

Vollie had one vision: increase the rate at which Australian millennials volunteered by reinventing the volunteering experience. Tiny's research and experience services turned Vollie from an idea into a startup that has unlocked online skilled volunteering.