Experience Design

Designing an experience is designing a relationship

The fastest growing brands in today's global economic environments are the ones that prioritise a better customer experience above all else. The modern consumer is no fool, and customer loyalty is no longer swayed by the persuasiveness of your communications or the coolness of your brand. Tiny works with startups, non-profits, and enterprises to optimise customer experiences by uncovering the key insights that will enable you to deliver a more valuable experience to your customers.

Our CX specialties include prototype design, customer journey strategy, database and communications automation, agile market research, and ideation workshopping

Brand Strategy & Design

Your brand is the emotional tether between your customers and your company

A brand is the emotional response that your customers, users, members, staff, and stakeholders have when they are exposed to your products, services, company, and customer experience. Uncovering and articulating the optimum emotional response that your brand needs to elicit is a specialty of ours, and our research, strategy, and design processes are consistent in their ability to create brands that connect companies to customers on an incredibly deep level.

Our brand strategies are created using our unique Positioning Tree™ methodology: a process that allows us to identify and articulate the required responses that your brand identity and positioning strategy need to elicit. Our design process, as a result of our strategic process, is focussed on visually representing a strategy that is prone to neither subjective preference nor design trends. Our results speak for themselves, and our clients continue to enjoy the benefit of having a brand that is attributable to growth and sustainability.

Agile Marketing

Communication is the key to human connection

Our services in Agile Marketing have an emphasis on providing sustainable and scalable solutions for clients of all industries and sizes. We are specialists in the use of written, visual, and interactive media to increase brand awareness and create efficient inbound channels. Our philosophy on sustainability also means that we prefer to create assets for our clients that are eventually owned and operated by you, thus providing you with a long-term suite of marketing assets that are owned and operated by you.

When it comes to your wider needs, we don't pretend to have all bases covered. We have a diverse network of talented independent providers that we work collaboratively with to execute your communications strategy as efficiently and effectively as possible. Whether you need to shoot a TV commercial, build a website, push a PR campaign, build a chatbot, or implement any of the thousands of potential marketing tactics, we have you covered through our combination of in-house and network services.

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We connect brands to people

At TINY, we specialise in making your customer experience one that creates a sustainable competitive advantage for your organisation through agile marketing, brand strategy and design, and customer experience design.

Creating a strong brand-to-customer relationship starts & ends with The CXecklist™.

The CXecklist™ (pronounced "CX Checklist") is a process unique to Tiny. It is a checklist that we take every client through to ensure that your branded customer experience is sustainable, scaleable, and delights your customers every step of the way.

You can peruse through some examples of how The CXecklist™ has helped some of our clients below. Alternatively, get in touch with us to see where your business or organisation fits into The CXecklist™!

What is
your raison d'etre?

1. What are your objectives?

We assist companies, organisations, and entrepeneurs in the identification and articulation of strategic objectives for their ideas and businesses.

Originally known as MiningLink, Tiny's strategic consulting arm helped miiGroup identify a scaleable growth strategy that has enabled it to structure a group of businesses around delivering a single core objective: document-to-human automation.

What is the alignment between your
raison d'etre and your customers?

2. What do your customers want?

Understanding your customers’ needs in relation to your offering and/or objectives is a powerful catalyst for the optimisation of product/market fit.

Inspire9 is one of Melbourne's most successful coworking brands. Implementing Cognify™, our Rapid Market Research process, Tiny were able to help Inspire9 expand into new geographic markets through the pursuit of a customer-centric growth strategy.

How valuable is your current
customer experience?

3. How valuable is your CX?

The alignment of your commercial objectives with your customers’ needs through better experience design is your greatest opportunity to deliver customer value.

Vollie are an impact enterprise that connect skilled volunteers with non-profit organisations. Working with the founders since Vollie was nothing but an idea, our experience design services resulted in the rapid growth of Vollie’s platform and have helped change the way Australians volunteer.

Does your brand resolve your customers'
perceived needs?

4. Does your brand support your CX?

A successful brand strategy is one that accurately represents and broadcasts the relationship that your customers want to have with you.

We were responsible for turning the Buchanan Legal Services vision into a brand that signposted the legal firm’s unique approach to IP & Corporate Governance services. Through the use of accountable strategies and highly symbolic design, we were able to deliver a visual identity and brand strategy that has served as a proud representation of the Buchanan vision.

How can we use agile marketing to
scale your businesss?

5. Are your assets scaling your business?

We specialise in the selection and creative exploitation of Agile Marketing tactics that will scale your demand, loyalty, and awareness. Oh, and your return on investment should always sit at a minimum of 1.5X with us.

We continue to work with Inspire9 as their outsourced Growth Hacking team. Working to weekly marketing sprints, we focus on identifying scaleable marketing tactics that supports the brand and commerical strategy while increasing inbound enquiry.

The CXecklist™ — 1. Objectives
The CXecklist™ — 2. Customers