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Tiny is built around the philosophy that

It's the little things
that make big ideas work

We believe that every single idea that our customers have is one that can work as a commercially successful business, social enterprise, public policy, or non-profit solution. Whether you are struggling to scale your business, implement your ideas, or simply need help creating a scaleable marketing solution, our unique approach to Customer Experience Design will ensure that the solutions we find will result in a sustained growth for your business or organisation.

Tom Uhlhorn is a Founder, CX Strategist, Master of Marketing, Writer, Crappy Furniture Maker, Greenthumb, Board Game Enthusiast, Digital Account Manager, Campaign Manager, Account Director, BDM, Sound Engineer, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Crew Member, Awkward Teenager.

Lara Salameh is a UX Designer, Interactive and Visual Designer, DJ Salameh, Dawg Lover, Bargain Hunter, Giant Eater, Gorman Addict, Scared of Bikes, Underpaid Teenage Fast Food Employee, F45 Cult Member, Cool Teenager

Naomi Veldhuizen is our Content Coordinator, Kick Boxing Protege, Bachelor of Advertising, Designer, Lover of Gifs, Trampoline Expert, Master Chef, Chief Junior Burger, Student, Intern, Trampoline Policewoman, Hip Hop Dancer, Awkward Teenager.

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